September 13, 2007

get rid of them: telemarketers

When getting calls from telemarketers, don't lose your time asking them their names. They probably are Johns or Davids and Marys or Janes, it just depends on which section they sit.

To get rid of them, you have two possible answers: Or you say straight "I'm sorry I'm not interested" and hang up the phone, or, if you don't want to be so rude, you can always say "I'm quite busy right now, but if you give me your home number I call you back at dinner time."

September 11, 2007

The day God didn't bless America

an ode over God Bless America

While the missiles gather far across the world, far there in Afghanistan, allow, God, the american to damn the land that once was free, let them all be homesick for a land once fair, as they raise their voices in a solemn moan.

Why didn't Thou God bless America with Thine immeasurable love? Why didn't Thou stand beside her and guided her through the night with the light from above skies? From the mountains to the prairies? And to the ocean white with foam?

What the God? What the Head? Allah drove the planes to the towers, instead. Are they the same God? Are they driving the same squad towards the same plod? Why didn't Thou God bless America, the home sweet home of americans, now anti-broths of men.