June 24, 2011

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Yes, now it's official: the government has declared it's time to buy! The one's who can afford to buy have the responsibility to save the economy in their shoulders!

Michael Noonan, the Fine Gael politician who has been the Minister for Finance since March 2011, is encouraging Irish people to "go shopping"! Well, you might be asking "but buy what?", in which return the minister might turn to you saying "don't ask silly questions, boy! Just buy, buy and buy!"

We all can guess where such technical advises might bring us, can't we?

June 20, 2011

Is é Eamonn Ó Mhuireann do fíor?

Someone's questioned
the veracity of Eamonn Ó Mhuireann...
Who the hell are they to doubt
about Eamonn Ó Mhuireann?

Eamonn Ó Mhuireann, son of
the Great King of the North
From the lands where no one stands
more than a moment in heresy...

Who the hell art thou, Whale of Stones?
Art thou stoned enough to stores'f holder
or carry thou too much stones on thy shoulder?
Níl uisce-beatha ar bith fágtha sa bhuidéal ar do shon...

Eamonn Ó Mhuireann,
yeah, that's me!

Hum... me pergunto se seria do fíor or ag fíor, sendo ag não o presente contínuo, é óbvio, mas sim a substantização verbal de fíor...

June 03, 2011

Where's Wally?

Wally will be in Dublin from 16 to 19 of June, as part of the Street Performance World Championship.