May 01, 2016

Populism? Moi?

It must be an assumption to think that people do not link the ends... Well, we do. When Mr. Colm McCarthy says "unpopular truths about the water issue", should he really mean unpopular truths about government mistakes? After all, we all remember - and feel still - the horrible mistakes this government has made. And not only this one, but the previous as well, and the previous, again!

Journalists like this Colm McCarthy don't give up telling half truths - or half lies? - covering their own corporated view. In the real world, we all know what this is all about: a levy to pay of the banking debt. The PRIVATE banking debts promptly paid by our (useless) government with OUR PUBLIC money! Money which should be directed, for instance, to efficiently provide the WATER SYSTEM!

Of course 9 weeks to form a government is too much. But this is what the population voted! The press trying to establish the mantra that there are "far more important issues" than Irish Water is a fallacy, a gross strategy to get some controversy in the spotlights, as we all understand that first, Fianna Fail committed itself to a plan - the so called manifesto - which people voted based on. Secondly, Irish water is not about the value - as he says, "... costs people €3 per week", or that it's "a flat €160 per annum" (considering the €100 'water conservation' grant). This is about the people being sick of politicians working in the interest of the capital instead of the interest of the people! Yeah, sounded quite leftist, didn't it? As much as paying bankers with public money should sound rightist, but the status quo somehow manage to dissimulate the meaning.

So, yes, we do understand Irish water is not the worst problem, but it's picked as the notorious issue regarding people's voicing.

Bear with that!