January 15, 2011

The non-optional misery

Driving all my way back home last night, listening to "Radio na Life", the DJ just said something on air which really touched me. He said "Happiness is something you grow inside you. Misery is optional". It made me think about life a bit... and then I thought he was probably talking about psychological misery, not physical misery.

He probably doesn't know what physical misery is. How it is to agonize in pain, because of starvation... in such state, is not the hungry which matters anymore, at least not your hungry... all your guts are fighting against each other in search of something to consume, anything possibly left, any drop of water, mineral, or even protein -  the walls of  your stomach... the mucosas,  submucosas, and anything else!

Agreed: Misery is optional. And happiness is something you grow inside, because you have the choice to grow it. Physical misery doesn't give you any option...