June 28, 2010

An Irish Rendemption

After a successful campaign against France, which got not only the sympathy of Irish supporters, but also other nationalities - the photo of a Mexican supporter holding a banner saying "Mexico vs. Ireland" during the Mexico x France match was an example how football supporters felt about France -, the England defeat to Germany sounded like the golden key to the Irish. Fair played to Ireland, which enrollment to the World Cup was denied due an unfair goal.

But one could ask if the Irish got upset when Maradona's hand of God Goal in 1986 World Cup left England out of the competition... Of course they enjoyed it! Isn't this what football is all about?

June 25, 2010

Wanted: Dead or Alive?

One year after Michael Jackson's death, there are still several legal issues to solve. He left a bill of more than 300 million dollars to his beloved ones! And the family - not an easy one, we already know - has been fighting around... Latoya said Michael was murdered because he worth more dead than alive!

Well, before his death he was not selling as he used to sell and not getting media coverage as he used to get. After, he is a phenomenon again! One year after his death, the new king is selling more than the old king Elvis!

Elvis? The one who died in 1977, 33 years ago? When the world had 4.230 billion people against 6,790 billion today?

Yes, mam...

June 08, 2010

The Wicklow Way - parts 2 & 3

As expected, the weather on Saturday was fantastic! The same could not be said about Sunday... but we walked anyway!

Starting from Knockree, near Enniskerry, we walked all the way to Laragh Village, a impressive 26km, in 8.5hrs (ascent of 630 mts).

The day after, we waited for the rain to stop then went for walk about 1pm. We walked the orange way (8Km) + almost the full white way (8 of 9Km) in 5hours (ascent of 400mts).

Next week, Wicklow Way part 4!

June 04, 2010

This weekend walking...

After some days no walking (I know this is bad), I'm back to the road tomorrow. We will be walking 2 parts of The Wicklow Way - from Knockree to Roundwood and then from Roundwood to Glendalough on Saturday, and then another few kilometers in Glendalough on Sunday.

With this beautiful weather, it promises to be a nice, nice walking!