August 31, 2008

A Satellite of love...

The Tripods opened the night with 4 powerful Thin Lizzy songs. They new what they were doing! Thirty minutes later, we came over with The Supertram and The Groovey Rails! Our set was
Then the harmonic player joined us for
After The Groovey, the gran finale! The Courtmacsherry Ford Transit Acoustic Band, which had nothing of acoustic but a guitar plugged into an amp. We came across with our classical set of
While the real photos don't come out, I only have to say that the gig was A success! Crowd of people as we haven't expected! Thanks for the "comers" and for the assistance of some - Steve, don't forget the tape! We need to youtube it!

August 28, 2008

last but not least...

The Address!

Otherwise you'll be lost...

See you all in Scruffy Murphy's!!!

August 27, 2008

they're gonna crucify me

That's it! Not only the "legendary" Courtmacsherry Ford Transit, but also The Groovey Rails! One was not enough though! During the last rehearsal yesterday I was told I have to play in the other gig too! Good, once I've not played with the guys for years! "Everything is gonna be alright!" they say...

The only thing I have to say is:

Standing in the deck at Scruffy's,
Trying to get my amp working good
The man in the fuzz said, "You've got to play with us".
You know they didn't even give me a chance.

Christ you know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be.
The way things are going
They're gonna crucify me.

Finally made a plan to escape
they should not bother me again.
But Fergus and Grainne called on to say,
"C'mon you can make it O.K.,
and everybody here wants to pay...

Christ you know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be.
The way things are going
They're gonna crucify me.

See you all there!

August 25, 2008

Le grand ménage à plusieurs

Not only from computer music, but the real stuff as well... Some gigs will make me no harm! Although this is in ideological conflict with the em3 project, still doesn't shake the structures of a well-based virtual trio.

For those of you who are local - and don't know yet - Thursday August 28 will be the Greatest Gig in the whole Powers Court-Lower Mount Street! The Tripods will play a support slot for 25 to 30 minutes, then the Groovey Rails, and then the Courtmacsherry Ford Transit! It will be a blues, rock and soul review, plus a jam with everyone at the end.

The Courtmacsherry Ford Transit is the band we palyed in the Guinness Jazz Festival, Cork, 2006... I invite you all to the party! There will be a small admission charge of about €5 with all proceeds to charity.

August 08, 2008

A long way to Tibet

080808 - Does this number mean something to you? Despite of being a repetition it shouldn't. You shouldn't think in anything mystical, or metaphysical. It shouldn't give you extra hopes or extra fears. Neither extra meanings than just another day. And the only special thing is that the Olympics starts on that day - today.

Actually there is something special about today. The cyberspace is promoting a campaign called #080808, supposedly to spread the spirit of the Olympics to the world.

The spirit of the Olympics? I'd say the spirit is dead. Like Nietzsche's god in Thus Spoke Zarathustra... And all these pasteurized athletes, all the dumping propaganda, on that made-up Beijing enforcing the sad decadence of the world, deeply immersed on nonsense consumption? Not only that, but they have Tibet as well...

Who needs these? People are already sad enough when they realise the more and more away they are from the Nature, and Nature doesn't like it. Before understanding those who have chosen the simplicity of life, they prefer to attack and dominate. China, one of the latest civilization standing the ancient wisdom, plays the imperialist role in Tibet. They know they were corrupted by the system and there's no way back...


There's a chinese idiom which says 万水千山 (wan4 shui3 qian2 shan1). In literal translation could mean "Ten thousand waters and thousand mountains". For me, it means that the journey is long and arduous...