March 23, 2010

I used to say that...

fly like a butterfly,
but sting like a bee.
through mohammed ali's mouth

"All of those who may
Forbid me to fly:
They will pass away
I'm passing by"
mário quintana, translated by myself

"I've bleed enough
I've cried a lot
I died last year
but this year I'll not"
Zé Limeira, translated by myself

check it out...

I've updated this short tale... The Call. Give it another read...

March 22, 2010

a nice walk!

Stunning sea cliffs, abundant wildlife and a fantastic walk - What more could you ask for! An invigorating walk taking in some clean sea air! This is the Bray to Greystones cliff walk.

We began our journey on Bray Promenade and moved on to the stunning cliff walk where the scenery is breathtaking! The coastal walk is about 6km in length of cliff-top paths, which snake their way south from the end of Bray esplanade to the charming and bustling town of Greystones, offering spectacular views of the Wicklow Mountains.

In our way back - another 6 km or so - we took the challenging Bray Head climb, which took my breathe away, literally!

Everything just a preparation for the great Oxfam Trailtrekker 2010!

March 08, 2010

In the meantime in Gotham City...

Gotham City is getting older. And as an old city, needs more care... everywhere! The gothamcitians cannot provide their own welfare, the state has collapsed, the pensioners are asking about their money, the money they have been paying all their life and now the government says it can't afford paying everybody...

"Collect more taxes" said someone from the inner circles of power. "Increase the state pension age", said another one, "Bilked it to a certain extent", others. Suddenly, from the back of the room, someones shouted loudly, "Let the foreigners pay it!". First a silent, followed by a rumour, and then a chorus:

"Let the foreigners pay it!" "Let the foreigners pay it!" "Let the foreigners pay it!" "Let the foreigners pay it!"

The Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) rose the acquiring an immigration card from free (yes, it was free till 2006!) to €100, and then to €150.

As the price hike doesn't affect the gothamcitians, ewverything is fine in the Gotham CVity Kingdom...

March 04, 2010

Dublin - the new Gotham City

Here is some curio... Batman's first locale was set to Manhattan, but writer Bill Finger decided to change it to a fictional city because he didn't want anyone making any references and would give more freedom to criativity. He tried Capital City and Coast City before "Gotham City Civic City", which was shortened later on to Gotham City.

The meaning of the name Gotham is literally "homestead where goats are kept", from Old English gat (goat) and ham (home). In terms of atmosphere, according to Dennis O'Neil Gotham City is something like Manhattan below Fourteenth Street at eleven past midnight on the coldest night in November. The architecture often shows Gothic, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, along with modern glass skyscrapers and buildings.

Gotham is more recalled as a no man's land due its rampant and recurring corruption within the city's civil authorities and infrastructure, and here is where Dublin comes through... it's becoming a no man's land! Drivers driving on bus lanes, doubling the speed limits, blocking crossroads, driving through red lights, parking on clearance areas, breaking clamp lockers... bus drivers not respecting bus stop signs, buses not satisfying their timetables, lawyers are for sale, blasphemer politicians all around...

What have we done?

P.S.: No, I'm not a Batman buff. All the curio info came from Wikipedia... 'course.