March 24, 2011

All you need is love

OED, the Oxford English Dictionary is launching a new revised version today. First in it's online version, and later-on on the paper. Among the new words, "wags", for "wife's and girlfriends"; an annoying modern usage of “heart” as an ironic verbal expression of the non-verbal design used to represent “love” on T-shirt and car-sticker slogans; “tinfoil hat” – referring to a type of headwear believed by some to protect the wearer from covert surveillance.

The most interesting thing though, was the patterns noticed among online users. The single most searched-for word is “dictionary” itself, but the second-most popular search was “love”...

Yeah, people are still looking for it!

March 18, 2011

I am unsuccessful man!

Someone came to me today saying that I look more successful when I'm on my suite... but it's Friday, the official casual day, so, that's OK!

This situation made me recall a text I posted (in portuguese) for the 2010 New Year's occasion. In that text I said that instead of wishing people happiness and prosperity, I'd like to wish LUXURY. What determines the concept of luxury is its shortage... So I want lots and lots of those things we lack... as SIMPLICITY, HUMILITY and SOLIDARITY, this, the noblest sense a person can have, along with COMPASSION, which I also want in large quantities...

March 16, 2011


It's Paddy's day tomorrow, time to show up all the "irishness" people have been hiding the whole year!

Things start in the morning... It will be people all around on their Paddy's costumes: greens high hats, with the shamrock stamped in the top, green t-shirts, red fake beards... even Celtic t-shirts will do the job of bringing all that restrained "irishness" out.

Of course there will be people with much more restrained "irishness" than others. And those would be the ones still thinking in the last election pool, or in how Enda Kelly will run the country, the ones just worried about their own jobs, their mortgages, their taxes rising, their money shrinking - money now has been taken by something called Universal Social Charge.

For those who can't forget the bank's bailout, the corporate taxes, the richer people's tax privileges... for all of those, (including myself, even I'm not officially irish), they just need to push all that irishness out in a very well-known way: DRINKING THEMSELVES TO DEATH!!!

Long Live Paddy!