December 26, 2017

Rising Above It

There is an old song from a Brazilian composer called Walter Franco, which I confess I didn't pay the right attention when I first listened to it. As everything in life, when you give it a second chance, enlightened by the wisdom that a few more years might luckily shone over you, you see things differently.

It happened to me in regard to my grandmother proverbs - mindful, deeply wisdom - which I came to understand after she passed away. With my mother was different, I was lucky to understand her while she was alive. Although it doesn't change how much I miss her, it did change the way I miss her, which I believe is more peaceful.

With father and brother, I think we all are still learning, but it is because we are so deep human beings that it is hard to reach the bottom of things! At least we have already established one principle: true love rules our relationship, thus nothing can go wrong!

Losing someone you love is always painful. Parents losing children brings that feeling to another level: it's just not natural! Nobody says it's easy - nobody says you'll get there. It's a journey, and your toil is to accept and live your life fully, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Ah, I almost forgot about that old song... It goes like this (my translation):
It's all about keeping
The still mind
The upright spine
And the quiet heart!
And once I'm here, another Franco's says:
Open your arms
With a sigh, profound
And drop all the harms
Holding you to the ground
So, this Christmas, give people and things another chance. In this way, you might rekindle that old friendship, and even rescue that old sweater, after all not too outdated, from the bottom of the drawer, and it might turn to be an edifying experience!

Ho... Ho.. Ho.

Have a Merry Christmas!