June 26, 2008

wouldn't you mind, would ya?

If you run a hotel, and year after year you see it getting more and more crowded of people, you would say "my hotel is a success!" And as an entrepreneur you would think in expand your business, probably building another hotel, right? Alright, but not irish government. Irish government don't run hotels - as far as we know - but they run more serious business. They (are supoused to) take care of public transportation and healthcare, for instance. They are not entrepreneurs but they managed a lot of money. Public money. OUR MONEY! And they should do it more efficiently, making incomings from this money. Not personal incomings, of course, but basic ones. Ones that don't need that much outlook to realise they're essential and substantial. Otherwise you would get yourself - the entrepreneur - asking your hotel guests if they would mind to share their room, because you are putting one or two extra beds there. Of course it doesn't work, but in a HOSPITAL people are not exactly a GUEST. And in a country where public transportation is a monopoly, you can expect the worst. People waiting for practically virtual and non-existent buses, sporadic trams (the Luas, the irish word for "speed" - believe me!) and far from efficient trains.

By the way, the photo is the healthy face of Mary Harney, the current Minister for Health & Children.