May 05, 2015

Numbers, numbers...

Minister for Finance, TD (Teachta Dála) Michael Noonan, said on TV that he'd support the YES campaign to change the minimum age of a candidate to President of Ireland from 35 to 21 years.

After mentioning he'd not expect to see much 21 years old people as candidates, he said he thinks is peculiar that a 35 years old person can be a candidate, but a 34 years old can't.

Well, minister, you, better then anyone should know such peculiarities are everywhere! For instance, a sixteen years old person can drive, but a 15 can't. A 18 years old person can drink alcohol, a 17 years old can't. A 65 years old person is elegible for full pension, a 64 years old is not. And so on. Then you, minister, might say: "oh, all this numbers are so confusing..."

We understand.