October 11, 2007

speed it up, babe...

speed it UP YOURS!

RTA – Speeding: No one thinks big of you

So, you think speed is cool, ain't ya? Right. But what you don't know is ONLY YOU might think that. Or ALL OF YOU, those who speed up all around! Get a life, before you lose yours... Ireland is getting famous about road accidents, and not all of them involve drunk drivers [Really??? How Surprise!!!], but simply speeding.

The government tries to discourage it with unpleasant advertising showing people dying in the roads, victims' sequelas and other consequences, but reality drives us to believe that NOTHING of these are working. The "serious" message is not getting there: those who speed up don't seem to care about serious messages... actualy, they [probably] don't get them. So... why not to change the approach?

The video above is a campaign in New South Gales, Australia, where the government decided to run by the sarcastic side of the road. After all, it's all about the size and strength of the penis, isn't it?

Washington Olivetto, a Brazilian advertising professional, tried to broadcast an advertise matching speed up with impotency, or sexual dysfunction. The idea was, as the guys cannot attend sexualy, they speed up the gaspedal. In other words, THEY GAS [show off]! It didn't work too much, because moralists didn't like the message and censored it - did they see themselves there?

Trânsito com Segurança [1975, in Portuguese]