July 22, 2009


Focusing on the life of the ex-"pichador" (person who writes or paints on public walls, often illegally) Djana Ivson, the photographer of the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, João Wainer and his brother Roberto Oliveira produced "Pixo", a documentary about "pichadores" in São Paulo city.

The documentary discusses wether graffiti is an artistic expression or a crime against property. The production records of different actions pichadores and unveils some of the codes of conduct of this tribe.

Watch an excerpt of Pixo here:

an extensive one here.

July 17, 2009

an Aoine

I had my third Irish class and I could say I'm doing VERY WELL! And just 'cause today is friday - an Aoine! - and my daily email "irish word of the day" was domhan, meaning Planet Earth - Tá muid uilig inár gcónaí ar an domhan, or We all live on Earth - I offer this video with from Playing for Change featuring Granpa Elliot: "God Bless America", home of the most of the Irish people in the world!

July 16, 2009

In the golf court...

Just as matter of having the right word in the right place!

July 08, 2009

whack to ya!

Are we back to the Middle Ages, where capital punishments were entertainment? Hopefuly not! But listen to the radio we realise the increasing reports of random attacks in Dublin... how come? Is it the crisis? Is it the drugs? Is it just vandalism? Maybe all of them! Uneducated, unoccupied people, drug addictives, racistis... It's not about money - no! Usually there's no robbery involved in this assaults, just the need of being violent and beat someone.

Someone will accuse right wing parties increasing popularity by instigating intolerance and facist speeches - "britain for the british" or something like that. As always in history, anything which is different frightens. And the defence turns into attack.

There's no boundaries for the rage, ignorance and stupidity. When your weapons are more than your words, you far loose the battle.

freestreets - facebook

It's hard to believe in humanity. More and more. I believe in people. Few people, the individual. Walk with faith I will, because faith does not usually fail, and there will be a day we will look back at our history and say "Oh, how cruel we were!". Unfortunately I'll no longer be here to witness this...

And while this doesn't happen, everybody should engage this cause against social violence. Only those who were assaulted know that the physical effects heal relatively quickly, but the long-term psychological effects of an assault which are most disabling. Those who have been attacked usually have symptoms of being highly sensitive to possible dangers while going about their daily activities and this, to some extent, renders them as prisoners to perceived threats in their everyday lives. This means that the victim continues to be controlled by their assailant long after the actuality of the event. Such experiences happen more frequently than we would like to imagine.

If you or someone you know wishes to take part, visit their website or look for freestreets on facebook or send a mail to them.

July 06, 2009

Where is it? Where is it?

You might be willing to know where to twit, ain't ya? Well, it's nothing particulary exciting, I'd tell you, but... nowadays we never know where and how this technologies will bring you!

Anyway... it's here: http://twitter.com/edotm/

Flash Fiction and Flarf, anyway...

July 03, 2009

Hey there! edotm is using Twitter!

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This is what they say. I'll be using it for Flash Fiction....