February 23, 2011

What a Dissimulator!

I got some feedback from friends about my "birthday poem" posted yesterday, and they were concerned about the darkness and the bitterness of the poem. I'd say this is the way I write, most of the time! And the beauty of writing is that you don't need to write the true... this is why is called fiction!

To recall Fernando Pessoa which wisely said:
The poet is a mere dissimulator

His dissimulation seems so real

That he dissimulates to be dolor

The dolor which he can really feel.

And those who read his writes,

In the pain chore feels well,

Not both the pains he delights,

But the one which no one tells.

Thus in the gutters of the funny wheel,

Spin, spin, to put my mind apart

This convoy of hope made of steel

This convoy of rope called heart.
Translated by myself...

February 22, 2011

guess who is getting older?

older, older and older,
the burden on your shoulder
everything you've ever done
with your youth now is gone
and you're older, older and older

wiser, wiser and wiser
your lore overflows like a geyser
the wisdom you'd like to share
finds no one who really cares
and you getting wiser, wiser and wiser

skeptical, skeptical and skeptical
can't decide if a coffin or a receptacle
doesn't matter, get your things on time
whether you fall whether you climb
and keep skeptical, skeptical and skeptical

you're a clown, a clown, and a clown
spent your life trying to be by your own
so that you couldn't see your beloved ones
crying over your dust, over your bones
and you're still a clown, a clown, a clown.

February 17, 2011

Old School

BIMM is comming to Ireland. The Brighton Institute of Modern Music have announced that they will be opening a new college in Dublin in association with the DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology). They already have the backing of Sir Bob Geldof, who says in BIMM's website that he is aware of BIMM’s track record as the leading provider of modern music training in the UK, and the success of their graduates and their employment in all areas of the music industry, plus many hit record successes.

Hummm... he sounds like a business man, doesn't he? This is all about money, investment and employment. It's just another business, don't get exited about it... What were you expecting for? To be taught how to be an artist? No! They can teach you some music theory and pratice, OK, but art itself they can't!

Ah, the old days where all the music came from the heart...

February 08, 2011

the clowns are on air!

Without Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny, TV3 first leaders' debate was a success... as entertainment. What was the difference between Xfactor, Big Brother and The Debate? None, as it is all television! The Debate probably will be bored faster, as nobody can sing nor dance! And who was that saying it was a great debate?!? Terry Prone or the other guy? I can't tell, as I was only listening, not watching...

Eamon Gilmore and Micheál Martin were worried about their images only. Empty words merely to cause impact, mutual attacks to old problems... and in the mean time, Enda Kenny was going solo, in Carrick, Shannon.

No winner in the Eamon Gilmore vs. Micheál Martin debate, but surprinsingly, Enda Kenny didn't win either!

February 06, 2011

I'm not rich!

Chardonnay is most closely associated with France's Burgundy region and California's Norther. Chardonnay is a popular grape and with good reason: made in styles that range from steely, mineral laced wines with crisp green apple fruit to wines that are buttery, rich, and laden with tropical fruits, there is a Chardonnay that will appeal to every palate. And this is the problem!

There's an article in the Sunday Times' Style Magazine today - Alone Home. It's about spouses of successful men, which got it all: rich husbands, perfect houses, lovely kids... and an alcohol problem. They are in a such state that anything is an excuse to drink: a bad day, a good day, pre-lunch, lunch, after lunch... everything is toasted with a glass of something.

Well... at least I'm not rich...