January 14, 2018

Get out from my nest, will ya?

Source: pixabay
Why should an elder couple, or a widow, give up their family house, other than by their own wish? Nothing more reasonable, I'd say... but no! Absurdly enough, AIB is planning to target the so called "empty nesters" to downsize and so free up badly needed family homes!

Empty nesters are couples/widowers living by themselves in 2 or more bed houses with no children - either because they don't have children, they left, or even died.

Pursuing this route would make more sense if the problem was space, but it's not. We have plenty of space in the country. What we don't have is a government!!!


Oh, ok... I accept I should kept going further the last full stop there and specifically say that we don't have a government who cares about the home crisis... but just because this post is about home crisis. That we don't have a government, we don't!

There are 5 historically prevalent forms of government: aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy and tyranny. We are - as far as I know - ruled by democracy. And democracy is referred to be the "rule of the majority"!

Either we are NOT a democracy, as clearly the government does not rule FOR the majority, or we are misunderstanding which majority we are talking about: is it the majority of PEOPLE or is it the majority of MONEY?

Who's to answer???

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